Portfolio Companies

Biothera | www.Biothera.com
Biothera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. They have developed Imprime PGG which is a Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterning (PAMP) molecule that works like an immunological switch to coordinate innate and adaptive immune responses. Biothera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. continues to raise capital to support ongoing clinical trials until the IPO market for emerging pharmaceutical businesses heats up again.
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LocaLoop | www.LocaLoop.com
LocaLoop, Inc. has developed and is deploying in underserved, rural markets their own proprietary “turn-key” 4G wireless Internet system. The have designed a solution that integrates its cloud-based business and network management SaaS and IaaS platform, 4G hardware infrastructure, and subscriber-facing sales and support capabilities.
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Empathic Software | www.Empathic.com
Empathic Clinical Suites is recognized as being a premier and best performing cloud based system for EMRs in the entire mental health industry. They have added new functions and features including patient appointment scheduling, drug treatment plans, follow-up and all of the “back office” and financial functions needed to run multi-therapist mental health practices.
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eSmartBadge (formerly SDO) | www.eSmartBadge.com
 The founder, Doug Crystal developed the eSmartbadge idea to be featured within Sports Director Online (SDO). However, there are other markets for his eSmartbadge that won’t need a lot of capital for test marketing. eSmartbadge like Commission Junction, is a platform for entrepreneurs to create their own niche business upon.
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SpaceData & Sky50/Taxometry | www.SpaceData.net / www.Taxometry.com
Taxometry is a revolutionary solution to manage sales taxes more efficiently than what is required to do so today.  Initially it will be used for processing sales taxes on Internet purchases but it is easy to predict that this method will become the way all sales taxes are processed.
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Qualigen | www.QualigenInc.com
Qualigen has developed desktop blood testing systems for rapid blood tests.  Qualigen just signed a fantastic partnership deal with Sekisu Diagnostics that will lead to Sekisu Diagnostics ultimately acquiring the company.
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Alung | www.alung.com
ALung has developed an artificial lung support device that will replace ventilators for patients with chronic COPD and asthmatic disease.  It is well on its way to having an FDA Expedited Access Pathway for full approval by late this year or early next year.  Learn more about ALung at their website www.alung.com.

SaaSware Highway | www.SaaSware.com
SaaSware owns small interests in Biothera, Empathic, LocaLoop, SDO and eSmartbadge.   I have not been actively seeking capital for SaaSware Highway for several years.  However, I do plan to do so in the near future by using social media. I founded SaaSware Highway in 2011. Website is www.saasware.com.

To learn more about these opportunities contact Paul Crawford at Crawford Capital Corp. pc@crawcap.com. (ofc) 612-676-1436 (cell) 612-308-6466.