Empathic Clinical Suites, L.L.C.  Empathic’s revenue trajectory by the end of 2017 should be at the point where they will have become a sustaining, profitable business.  Their growth since July 2016 is breathtaking and the value of what investors own in Empathic is increasing. Their average revenue per user has increased more than 15 times over what they were producing since its inception through the end of 2015 when they were limited to selling just small clinical psychology practices. That all changed when they built their new platform and obtained certification to sell to psychiatrists and larger clinics. Empathic Clinical Suites is now being recognized as being a premier and best performing cloud based system for EMRs in the entire mental health industry. Also, they have added new functions and features including patient appointment scheduling, drug treatment plans, follow-up and all of the “back office” and financial functions needed to run multi-therapist mental health practices.  They have no peers, particularly among psychiatric clinical practices. www.empathicsoftware.com.